"I bought a house from the same "flipper" and honestly I love the guy. He puts a lot of love into the house and the details he adds are incomparable. He cares about his buyers, and he cares about making the house into a real HOME. I love that he is beautifying and updating the homes and unfortunately that comes with a cost. Being soon-to-be new parents, my husband and I wanted something move-in ready (with some style) and moving to NELA allowed us to live close to LA and in an affordable place. I truly cannot thank this man enough for giving us the opportunity to integrate ourselves into such an awesome community. The neighbors are so wonderful and welcoming. If people are willing to spend that much on a home, so be it. I hope that brings a Trader Joes and maybe a Vons as well. Go ahead say it, am I trying to "gentrify" NELA? No. I grew up in Echo Park and want to see NELA go from gang infested (like EP) to a family-friendly place. All about this life."


LA.Curbed Comments:

"I toured this home when it was for sale and am familiar with this "investors" other work in NELA. The care and quality of his work is consistently impressive."


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